Monday, August 18, 2014

Life is a Beach

Summer is coming to an end sadly -- but it's not over quite yet.  We kicked off our final week with a much needed family vacation to the Hamptons. The Hamptons will always be a special part of our lives as Mat and I met there 19 years ago this month.  Since then, between trips out East with Mat or working with my firm LLC's clients, I spent many summers either there with my family or working with my friend and colleague Lauren Thayer Weiss.  Now a mother, Lauren and her husband Elliot, have a beautiful family and last night we went sailing with them and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.  #friends #family #sagharbor =  #happiness

Sunset in Sag Harbor
The family enjoying our sunset sail
Mat and I have so many great memories here and love sharing it with our kids who love it too
Sweet Lauren with the beautiful Lily Weiss.
A gorgeous night on the water

Time to take a #selfie 
Captain Del

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