Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lisa Lori featured on DailyNews.com

Lisa Lori: Making a Difference One SMILE At a Time

What is the one thing you take for granted in your life every day? 
Is it your ability to walk?  To work?  To talk?

Well, what about your ability to smile? 
A smile is something that says so much without having to utter a word.  And for most of us it is something we don’t think much about. 

But for hundreds of thousands of children suffering from facial deformities around the world the ability to smile can be life changing.    
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And this was the case for Lisa Lori’s three boys – Zachary, Luke and Griffin -- who were all born with facial paralysis.  After years of enduring multiple surgeries Lisa’s boys finally were able to smile after Dr. Ronald Zucker performed the life-changing surgeries for each of the boys.
Lisa and her best childhood friend, Kathy Van Zeeland, wanted other children to experience the same gift and hope to make a difference in the lives of other children suffering with similar deformities. They partnered with Operation Smile and just last week launched the “Zachary, Luke or Griffin” Teddy Bears campaign to kick off the holiday season.

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