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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Gifts That Give Back

Every Tuesday I am going to feature gifts that give back.   Early on in my career, I had the great privilege of working for Anita Roddick, the founder of the Body Shop who taught me so much about giving back.  Anita believed that donating money to organizations or communities was vital but helping communities through 'trade not aid' was equally important.  Connecting with people emotionally and providing them with a sustainable income was a cornerstone of the many of the projects she initiated.  That lesson really resonated with me and continues to influence me today.  I became passionate about many of the groundbreaking projects we did then from one of the first retail AIDS awareness campaigns to a far reaching 'reduce, reuse and recycle' campaign.

When I embarked upon my personal journey with Operation Smile, I wanted to help raise money but I also wanted to connect with the children and families as well as help donors connect to them. That is how the Three Little Bears was born.  Anita used to call it the 'story behind the product.'   Let people know how and why it is made and they are more likely to buy it.

Yesterday I went shopping in Sag Harbor and dropped in the Urban Zen store.  I bought a wonderful bag there made by designer Paula Coles.  It is made out of recycled t-shirts and it a beautiful bright blue. It retails for $180 and benefits scholarship to a child in Haiti.  A perfect first gift to feature on my blog.  If you have an item that should be highlighted, please let me know.   If you buy one of the items featured here be sure and let them know where you heard about it.  #triggerhappiness

Have a great day.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Life is a Beach

Summer is coming to an end sadly -- but it's not over quite yet.  We kicked off our final week with a much needed family vacation to the Hamptons. The Hamptons will always be a special part of our lives as Mat and I met there 19 years ago this month.  Since then, between trips out East with Mat or working with my firm LLC's clients, I spent many summers either there with my family or working with my friend and colleague Lauren Thayer Weiss.  Now a mother, Lauren and her husband Elliot, have a beautiful family and last night we went sailing with them and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.  #friends #family #sagharbor =  #happiness

Sunset in Sag Harbor
The family enjoying our sunset sail
Mat and I have so many great memories here and love sharing it with our kids who love it too
Sweet Lauren with the beautiful Lily Weiss.
A gorgeous night on the water

Time to take a #selfie 
Captain Del