Wednesday, November 1, 2017

AMC Theaters, Just Like You Films & Wonder Come to Life

Our family is proud to be a part of this amazing new short film, please help us spread the word.  Hav a great day, lisa

For Immediate Release:
October 20, 2017

Contact: Jen Greenstreet - 816-260-3187

Real-Life “Wonder” Kids Come to Life In New Facial Anomalies Film

Kansas City, MO - Coinciding with the release of one of 2017’s most anticipated movies, “Wonder,” four children with facial anomalies teach other kids they’re more alike than different in the short documentary, “Just Like You Films - Facial Anomalies,” debuting November 15th on YouTube.

Wanting to show others that they are Just Like You, Annalise, Billy, Luke and Winston are joined in the film by their best friends. They tell their real-life stories, explaining what it’s like to live with facial paralysis, lymphangioma, and other conditions. Like the book and upcoming movie, “Wonder,” the stars of the film show courage as they earn empathy and understanding.

In addition to being available on YouTube, the film will be played prior to group screenings of the “Wonder” movie at AMC Theatres.

In launching its 9th film, Just Like You Films calls upon our communities, our kids and the world to learn, understand and accept those living with facial anomalies. The kids, award-winning journalist Hannah Storm, and internationally renowned surgeons, Operation Smile Founder, Dr. Bill Magee, Dr. Teresa O and Dr. Milton Waner, explain the conditions, treatments and model of how to be a good friend to someone living with a facial anomaly.

JLY-Facial Anomalies shares the perspective of courageous children living with facial anomalies who are not defined or limited by their conditions. Instead, they are “just like you.” 

JLY Films distributes its films free of charge and operates with the help of an outstanding volunteer team. We can provide interviews with children featured in the new film.

Visit for more information and to watch complete films.


Friday, May 5, 2017

Dear Congress -- #AHCA

OK Folks, it's been some time since I have written on my blog, I have been busy working away at my store and trying to make it a success.  Yesterday, the House passed a bill that literally makes my stomach sick.  While they were celebrating, people need to understand that you or someone you know just became incredibly vulnerable yesterday.  Below are my thoughts, please pass it along.
DEAR CONGRESS: Our country is full of REAL PEOPLE WITH REAL NEEDS AND REAL FAMILIES. State by State, you have voted for a waiver that allows the most vulnerable amongst us to be opted out of your business plan. I would like to call on the people of this country, the millions of families of the disabled nationwide to rise up and fight this with every fiber of your being. #fightforwhatisright #ahca write your Congressperson, VOTE in the midterms. 

These are #Essentialhealthbenefits. Here is a real letter from a REAL family as an example, tag us with your story. #georgia #moebiussyndrome

American Health Care Act of 2017 (H.R. 1628)
Dear Senator Isaksson of Georgia,
I am writing you as a Georgia resident who is very concerned about the provisions in H.R. 1628. This bill as it currently is written will create Medicaid block grants and per capita caps for the states. I have a son with Moebius Syndrome. We depend on the Katie Beckett medicaid program for my sons health treatments. Without this optional Medicaid program in Georgia, my son would suffer and his life would be much harder than it already currently is. I understand that the Healthcare issue is complicated and the expenses are crazy out of control. Surely, we can ask others for sacrifice before we remove the only safety net our least capable and disabled have. Please, please don't support the creation of bloc grands and per capital caps for Medicaid and the Katie Becket program. It would be devastating for my son. Sincerely, Danielle.