Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hope you are enjoying your summer.  We have been so busy getting things up and running for my new company The Perfect Provenance ( that seems like we've hardly had time to breathe!  But it has been an awesome experience so far and only looking forward to the days ahead.  

We made these fun golf balls for the company, mostly because my two youngest boys have really gotten into golf this summer and are having a blast learning the game and playing on the weekend with their dad.  It really has been a wonderful bonding experience for them and so nice to see them fall in love with the sport.  This week they studied to get their certification at our club so they can play on their own and both passed.  Luke and Del quizzed each other and studied for both the written and practice test.  It's so nice to drink in these moments when you are a parent, that time of discovery, seeing them learn a skill and master it.  I truly wish I could freeze this moment in time.  

This product is part of our Smile Collection and benefits Operation Smile.  Check it out, join our Curators Club, we are so grateful for your support!  Thank you!

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