Thursday, November 6, 2014

A View from the Red Carpet

I was so blessed to have my PR company for 13 years, through thick and thin, my colleagues and clients gave me such a great outlet for creativity and for fulfilling my dreams.  

I am so proud of all we accomplished.  Through the years, we worked with many celebrities but it is the guys and gals that I worked with on the events and the programs that really stand out.  My colleagues, became some of my best friends because we worked together so closely.  Many of them have all gone on to great things, some have their own companies, while others have senior positions today at amazing organizations.  Going through tons of pictures in anticipation of our reunion/anniversary soiree party tonight has brought back to many memories. 

Here are just some of the photos I found from years of work....enjoy!

Denzel being honored at the Princess Grace Awards

Denzel hated the red carpet but he is lovely and his wife Pauletta is a doll

Katie Holmes at the FiFi Awards right before she started dating Tom Cruise, so young but so beautiful.  She presented to Carolina Herrera that night, who was being honored, and she was very shy.

Usher with his ex at a New York City Opera party at DeBeers store on Fifth Avenue, he was very polite and sweet with her

Jennifer Hudson at the Avon Foundation Gala before the Oscar but after American Idol

Incredible group of divas -- Jada, Eva, Mary, JLO, Drew and Donatella celebrating Versace at Walk of Style in Beverly Hills

One of my favorite events, premiere for We Are Marshall with Matt Mcconaughey and Matt Fox, MM had just started dating Camilla and she brought her mother to the after
party, was very sweet, they are are the real deal.  He loved our client 1800 Tequila

Anne Hathaway introducing Julie Andrews for her award.  I sat next to her at dinner with her then boyfriend and now husband.  She acted out her whole speech before taking the stage.  

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