Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lisa Lori Communications 15th Anniversary Reunion Soiree at Elaine Turner

15 years ago this month, I started Lisa Lori Communications out of my apartment on 64th Street.  My first two clients were Dinaburg Arts, an art consultancy run by Mary Dinaburg, who had a terrific contemporary art program with Saks Fifth Avenue that I promoted -- and -- a San Francisco based company called Della & James that was the client of one of my former Body Shop colleagues Amy Finn, founder of Ammo Marketing.  Della & James was a company started by two Stanford business school women -- Jenny Lefcourt and Jessica Herrin -- that went on to merge with www.weddingchannel.com.  Jenny is now a successful venture capital investor and Jessica is ceo and founder of Stella & Dot.  Two amazing women.  Isn't it interesting that my two first clients were such dynamic women and I proud to have been a part of all of those first projects that gave my company it's start.

Over the next 13 years, I was blessed to have so many great clients, employees and friends in the media, marketing and events. Recently, a designer on Madison Avenue that I did a previous event with, asked if we would like to host another event with Operation Smile and it got me thinking.  At LLC, we used to have some great anniversary parties while we were in business, that I thought wouldn't it be nice to bring everyone back together for networking, fun and some shopping.  Looking forward to November 6th.  

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