Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Time for Spring!

Not a very clear picture but you get the gist,
just had a blast doing this and looking forward to more in the future.  
Wow!  What a busy month it has been so far and we are only a week in!  Just flew back from Atlanta for my third interview in two weeks about #springbreak travel and had such a nice experience.

I flew out of Westchester Airport which is so much nicer than having to go to the bigger NYC airports.  I flew into Atlanta International last night and THAT airport is so gigantic it is probably bigger than Monaco in population!

I am very excited about this new phase of my life, writing and talking about things I love...parenting, travel, fashion, beauty, design, whatever!  I spent so many years in the PR business and after so much hard work, it is such a pleasure to be working on my own terms, when I want and how much.  This is a true luxury in life.  I know my way around a newsroom, with producers etc... so really this is second nature for me but instead of answering to clients I really only answer to myself.  Special thanks to the gals at Tractenberg & Co who booked my tv interviews, they were all lovely and very professional.  I will always have a special place in my heart for women in PR working their way up as I see a little bit of myself in them.

Check out the interview here:

Better Mornings Atlanta

If all these fab TV interviews weren't enough, LeeAnn Thornton's beautiful feature on our home is out this month in the April issue of CT Cottages & Gardens.  We loved working with LeeAnn and couldn't be happier with our beautiful, comfortable home.  LeeAnn's eye for design is amazing and she helped us push us past our comfort zone in all the right ways.

Love that the Table of Contents features our mantel with my great grandfather's books!
To see the full story, just click the link below!  Have a great day!

CT Cottages & Gardens

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