Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Smile Event

Tickets are now available for the New York Smile Event for Operation Smile, we are so honored to be included in this special event.  Last year, we went on a mission for Operation Smile and it was such a wonderful experience.  You can truly change a child, family, and community's life with just $240.  Please see the link below for tickets and to read my blogs that I wrote during and after the mission check out:

When Giving is Second Nature/Lisa Lori Huffington Post

The Intimacy of Strangers/Huffington Post Lisa Lori


Listening to Dr. Bill Magee tell this new mother profound news about her baby's condition, he did it with compassion and dignity.

Gorgeous native women travel up to seven hours on a bus, dress their children in their best clothes because they want their children to receive surgery even though these children have already been pre-screened and will all get surgery. At the hospital in David, Panama in between surgeries with my son Zachary who was so moved by what he saw.  

NY Smile Event for Operation Smile

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