Thursday, March 20, 2014

Buy Local, Eat Delish

I had a great day in Manhattan yesterday attending meetings about an exciting new project I'm working on and dress shopping for a couple of great events I'm involved with.  

I made a quick stop at the Union Square farmers market because I just couldn't resist.  I brought home some homemade cinnamon donuts for my boys as a treat and a raspberry, apple dessert this looks delish.  I don't serve my boys treats everyday but when I do, I love giving them home baked, local goods.  Check out the ingredients on this labeling.  As I have written about in previous articles, sugar is not our enemy in American diets, it is processed foods, artificial sweetners etc..  So when you do have a sweet tooth for you or your family, indulge once in a while but choose desserts where you know it was made (not some far away factory...) and if the ingredient list is six items or less, chances are you have a winner!  This tasty crisp came from Berry Hill Orchard.

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