Monday, February 3, 2014

Top 10 winners of Super Bowl weekend:

Lunch in midtown with friends from Detroit here for the Super Bowl, tried to unsuccessfully photo bomb
Andrew Luck who was sitting at table next to us.  Super nice guy and just part of the fun of the week.

10. Red Hot Chili Peppers brought it. Give it away, give it away. Great mash up.
9. The weather, for being warm and a non event and even the traffic didn't really seem to bug us.
8. Super Bowl Boulevard for entertaining us all week, a giant slide in Times Square, genius.
7. The Politicians (NYC and Nj) for laying low and making it about the game and not t...rying to grab the spotlight.
6. The parties, so many great parties and smiles all around.
5.NYPD, Homeland Security and whoever else was responsible for security all week. Went off without a hitch, incredible for a city our size! NY celebrated and it was a model in crowd control.
4. Broadway Joe Namath ---- AWWWESOME!!!
3. Hometown favorite and Hall of Famer Michael Strahan for being an athlete, gentleman and professional that all of us can look up to.
2. Bruno Mars, youngest half time performer ever, entertaining us OLD school, singing, dancing and loving it.
1. The Seahawks, wow, they won it on every play, 25 year old QB and incredible D.

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