Thursday, February 28, 2013

LLC News & Thank You

Dear Friends of LLC:

After 13 fantastic years running my own PR firm, I have decided resign my day to day client business and to redirect my career to two of my passions -- writing and philanthropy.   Over the last year, I have been writing about philanthropy, special needs, parenting and of course, PR & Marketing.  I have written for a variety of different outlets including the Huffington Post (, and our own LLC blog, The Exclusive ( 

I am looking forward to writing much more including a book, and continuing my family's support of Operation Smile, which is very dear to my heart.  On April 19th through April 24th, my husband and I, and our eldest son Zack (12) will be going on our first mission for Operation Smile to Panama.  Both Zack and I will be blogging and filming about our journey to Panama.  If you are interested in reading more about our projects with Operation Smile you can visit or please write me if you are interested in collaborating for the future.

As of February 28th, we will have successfully transitioned all of our existing clients (which began over the last six months) to new partnerships.  I will continue to maintain friendships, provide strategic consulting and encourage opportunities with our past clients or business partners, so please contact me at with any questions or options.   Susan Kriskey, our Senior Vice President, will continue working with some of our clients as she sets up her own business, but below is contact information for all of friends in house at our most recent clients.

I would like to thank all of my staff both past and present for the wonderful work we have done for more than a decade, most especially Lauren Thayer, Susan Kriskey, Manuela Savona, Tricia Rallis (Rappaport), Michelle Huff, Eunice Liriano, Erin Schiffman, Alexis Blais, Daniella DiMartino, and so many more, over the years who have made this journey so enjoyable.  It is through their dedication and support that I have met and worked with so many incredible clients, colleagues and friends.

Going forward, Polly Foster at will continue to work with me as my assistant to pursue my future consulting efforts, my literary aspirations and more.   Locally, I have also joined the board of the Greenwich Chamber of Commerce ( to help their wonderful efforts promoting businesses in Greenwich.

Here is contact information for our most recent clients:

MDSolarSciences -- Scott Friedman (ph) 203 858 0095
LongHouse Reserve & INstore -- Matko Tomic -- 631-328-3568
Princess Grace Foundation -- Christine Kite -- 212-317-1470
Ron Wendt Design -- Philip MacGregor 212-290-2428
School of the American Ballet-- Barbara Silver-- 212-769-6609
Silver Hill Hospital -- Heather Porter -- 203-801-2378
Olana Partnership -- Sara Griffin -- -- 518-828-1872
Happy Hearts Fund -- Alexi Tavel
New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children -- Sabrina Martin 212-233-5500
Alzheimer's Association and the Rita Hayworth Gala -- Lynne Carey 312-335-5753
Sophie B Hawkins -- Gigi Gaston 310 396 5937

Looking forward to working with you in the future in my new endeavors and I wish everyone health and happiness always.

All the best, lisa lori

Lisa Lori
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