Saturday, April 2, 2016


DANDY by Tom Elbrecht
Never judge a flower by its bloom. Dandy, she is more than just a weed. Dandy touches everyone she meets with her kindness, generosity, and dreams. 


Two competitive brothers make a brilliant discovery about one another. 

Growing up in a big Italian Catholic family, you grow up with lots of cousins.  The cugini are not just your family, they are your friends, they are home.  Our extended family was often separated by many miles but not in our hearts, both of my parents grew up in Chicago and most of our extended family still live there.  My parents moved a lot when we were growing up as my father moved up the corporate ladder taking them far away from their beloved Chicago. I was born in New York, but raised in Northern California, several of my siblings were each born in a different state from Kentucky to NY.  

My father had one sister -- she had 10 children -- my parents had 8 children so needless to say, that's a lot of cugini!  (of course, that doesn't include my mother's side of the familigia!).  We were all close together in age, because our parents got married very close together in timing. Since both of our families were so big, there weren't many vacations on our schedule but if we did go anywhere it was always to go to Chicago and see our cousins.   We were so close that my cousin Becky and I made a childhood pledge to go to college together and then we actually did it!  We both went to Purdue and I loved every minute of it.  

Our bonds remain so strong that every time we see each other, all of those wonderful childhood memories come back. Becky's brother, my cousin Tom, who lives in Chicago with his family, has written two wonderful children books Dandy & Rollie Pollie Guacamole.  During a recent visit to Chicago, I spoke with him about the books and told him I would love to sell them in my new store.  Tom is a creative, kind soul and you can see that in the stories he tells.

I am so happy to have them available for sale at The Perfect Provenance.  These books are full of positive messages for children and beautifully illustrated, each page a labor of love.  If you are looking for a wonderful children's gift, look no further.  Buy Dandy Here

Have a great weekend.  

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