Friday, February 12, 2016

Hello San Francisco!

Seems hard to believe but more than 7 years ago, I went to Stephen's Talkhouse in the Hamptons to see Sophie B Hawkins perform.  I met my husband at Stephen's Talkhouse (well technically, I met him on a weekend at a share house that my friend was in, but we didn't really speak until later at Stephen's Talkhouse), so every summer when were dating, and for many years after we were first married, we would go to the Hamptons and always, always stop in for great music at the Talkhouse.

The night we first heard Sophie sing is one I will never forget.  It wasn't an easy time in our life and we rarely had nights alone together then, but some how we managed to forget our problems and lose ourselves in the music.  A masterful musician and singer, I couldn't believe that we were able to enjoy such talent in such an intimate environment.  I loved her music before I saw her live, but after seeing her in person, I loved her even more.  Sophie is real, she is unscripted, soulful and loves to sing. Something we don't get enough of these days.  

A year or so after we saw her perform, I wanted to host a benefit at my house for Operation Smile and she was the first person I thought of.  The stars aligned and she came and rocked the house. Since then, we have become close, close friends and I adore her.  We've been through a lot together.  I invite you to buy her music at my new company, or to hear her live. You'll see what I mean.  Music has the power to transform us, Sophie is that type of artist.  Happy Valentine's Day.

xo lisa

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