Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dear Lady Gaga

Dear Lady Gaga:

We don't know each other but we are connected.  Just over a week ago you caused a bit of a stir online when you were photographed in London carrying a teddy bear.  That teddy bear is named after my son Zachary.  It is the Zachary Bear, one of three teddy bears, named after my boys Zack, Luke and Griffin, who all had numerous medical challenges including the inability to smile. That teddy bear means an awful lot to our family.  When our children had life changing surgery that helped them smile, we couldn't help but want to pass on that joy to other families. Now that same feeling, that same generosity is being passed on through you.  You were given that bear when you attended an Operation Smile event in Park City in Utah with your fiance Taylor Kinney a few months ago, and I hope it has a special meaning for your both.  

I'm writing to say thank you. That evening you were so generous with your time and had numerous photos taken with Taylor, and our bears which in turn, helped spread Operation Smile's mission of love and kindness all around the world. When we created those bears with my dear friend Kathy Van Zeeland, we hoped that they would provide comfort and healing to families on medical missions around the world.  The bears, have now also become a symbol of healing for all of the children that Operation Smile helps.  

You are a savvy, smart woman, and I'm sure you were aware that by carrying that bear, and by being photographed again with it, you would spark a discussion once again for Operation Smile. I hope your generosity will inspire giving for them.  How remarkable you are for using your fame in such a positive and wonderful way. A small gesture that speaks volumes to your character.  A small gesture from one Italian girl (you) to another (me) that made me smile.  I don't know if we will ever have the opportunity to meet but I hope that you feel our gratitude today and everyday.  

thank you and vi saluto Stefani.  

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