Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Helping Others, Helping Yourself

With Cindy & my high school friends last year at Operation Smile benefit in San Francisco.
 Cindy is the back row peaking out at the top!

Like many medical professionals, my friend Cindy 'Burf' Jensen just can't help herself.  In her professional life, she is a NICU nurse that spends her days and some nights, helping the tiniest among us to breath, flourish and live a happy life outside of a hospital.  In her personal life, she loves traveling, laughing, spending time with her husband, and is a proud mama of two grown children. 

For most people, that would be a full plate.  But for Cindy, it's not enough, she has a need for nursing, and so she combines her love of adventure with her nursing skills, and sets off on a faraway medical mission once a year, or as often as she can. and helps others less fortunate.  

I adore Cindy, admire her devotion to her family and deeply appreciate her commitment to others.  Not all of us have her nursing skills but we can all help. I've know Cindy for more than 30 years and she is the real deal.  Cindy needs medical equipment for her next medical mission to Vietnam to help this charity in Vietnam that works with newborns -- www.newbornsvietnam.org

Please help if you can.  Her Go Fund Me page link is below. Click on Cindy's Mission for the link.  Tell her I sent you!  xo


cindy's misson

My beautiful friend (inside and out) with her husband Erick.


  1. Hi Lisa,
    I am not able to see/find the go fund me link for Cindy!?

  2. Hi Tami, click on Cindy's Mission below the article or here it is again! thank you!



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