Monday, February 9, 2015

Sophie B Hawkins, Annie Lennox and Tony Bennett

Over the past few weeks I have been working on a wonderful opportunity for my dear friend Sophie B Hawkins.  Sophie is one of the most talented musicians around and yet, she is deeply under appreciated in today's flash in the pan pop culture.  Vogue,com has just posted a video of Sophie singing her biggest hit Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover on their website and the response already has been amazing.   Sophie famously broke off from her record label years ago and since then, she has remained a favorite live act but largely unheard by radio.   I'm so happy that Vogue has chosen to showcase her to a new set of music lovers but it really begs the question, where are all the female rockers that once captivated the musical landscape?   Where is the singer, songwriter that writes music from the heart and touches people with their words?

Sophie B Hawkins on

As I watched last night's Grammy telecast, it was another music icon that stood out from the all the rest-- Annie Lennox, who belted out the music with a voice that put all of the auto tuned musicians to shame.   Her voice is as amazing as ever,  but I wonder if half of the people in the audience knew who she was?   Where is the outrage Kanye for the real musicians and songwriters?  BeyoncĂ© is talented to be sure but she doesn't need any more cheerleaders.  She has received her accolades in spades.  Why not speak up for the amazing living, breathing, singing musicians alive today that really have so much music left in them?

Tony Bennett's voice is stunning, Lady Gaga can see that, but then again, she is a singer, songwriter and musician herself.  Yes, no one loves the pop music circus more than Gaga, but she has chosen to spend a year on the road with the icon because she knows how amazing he is.  Gaga must be thinking about life after fame.  What was Madge thinking about last night I wonder?  Showing her ass on the red carpet, dancing around up there trying to hang on to her fame, is that all that is left for her?  Is she just one bad outfit away from losing all her cred instead of doing what Cindi Lauper has done and
gracefully transitioning to a second act.   Being young, trying to look young, surrounding yourself with 500 singers and dancers, is just too damn hard to give up because Cindi is the exception not the rule.

Maybe people like Annie, Sophie and countless others aren't interested in chasing fame and so they are content to just keep performing on a smaller scale.  It is we the public that are deprived of their talent unless we seek them out.  Let's take some of that BeyoncĂ© attention and just for a minute, direct it to the numerous other acts that are worthy of our attention.   Melody Gardot, Madeline Peyroux, Ben Rector, and so, so many others.   Stop giving Kanye air, his attention seeking has become laughable.

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