Friday, August 1, 2014

If Not Me, Who?

Medical Volunteers in Panama for Operation Smile

I cannot go another minute without asking everyone to recognize the incredible sacrifice medical missionary volunteers make around the world everyday.  They are selfless people who give of themselves, time. and time again.  On their own vacation time, away from their families, without pay and sometimes, even with their lives.  

We are all watching the two medical volunteers who have been stricken with Ebola despite their best precautions and now, we hear that there is only ONE possible experimental vaccine that could help them. The doctor, Dr. Bradley, volunteered to have the other patient, his colleague -- get the vaccine, despite the fact that he is gravely ill, despite the fact he has a family, despite the fact that he will more than likely die.  

We should all pray for these two heroic people at a time when many in the world are killing each other.You may wonder why I am so passionate about my friends at Operation Smile.  I am passionate because they are doing what I cannot.  They are administering to the poor.  Ask yourself what you can do for any number of the hundreds of charities that serve others.  

OK, end of rant.

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