Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Conscious Unwintering

Made a quick stop in SF to visit my mom and stayed with my friends Audrey and Rip Gerber at their beautiful home in SF.  I got the 'Giants' room and I just love this card on my bed from her husband.  Adorbs.

Next stop, Los Angeles but not for my luggage!  Had a fun time at KCAL doing a segment on Spring Travel especially interesting
since United sent my luggage to JFK and I had to go to Saks
in Beverly Hills and buy new clothes and make-up!

Champs, old friends and a private jet to Palm Springs, what is better than that?  Nothing!!! Have to pinch yourself! 
Ahhhh sunshine I've missed you!  Love the casual elegance of Palm Springs,
the Miramonte Resort & Spa was the perfect location for a girls weekend and had terrific service.  Ironically, our high school Acalanes were rivals with Miramonte high school up north.

To see the beautiful flowers and green after such a harsh winter
was like coming out of a six month hibernation.

My childhood nickname -- Delba.  Friends bought these 'favor' cups for each of us to remember the weekend.

I just love this photo, we were all chilling by the pool and commenting about our pedicures.  Something these busy moms and professionals hardly ever have time to do!

So many laughs it is hard to remember just one for the weekend.  Reconnecting with old friends has been one of my ongoing goals over the last two years to #triggerhappiness.  Old friends love you just the way you are and are unguarded in a way that we can rarely be in our regular guarded lives.  

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