Monday, April 7, 2014

Good Day Baltimore

I had a great time this morning appearing on Good Day Baltimore to talk about spring break travel with kids.   My own spring break vacation begins next week and I can't wait.  After a beautiful weekend, we had another dreary day in the Northeast and I can tell you everyone, and I mean, everyone is over it!  

This morning I talked about some great tips from my recent Huffington Post article about traveling and here are a couple of the items -- kid's backpack from the Children's Place and Scunci hair accessories which you can find in any department store!  I have to say I had the most pleasant experiences with people in Baltimore.  Everyone is genuinely friendly and helpful from the train stations to the hotels. 

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Next stop is Atlanta, hopefully a bit warmer down there!  Stay tuned for Wednesday morning.  Here is the clip!  Have a great day.

Good Day Baltimore

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